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Mozilla Firefox for Windows Vista

Mozilla Firefox for Windows Vista
Mozilla Firefox for Windows Vista

Perhaps, web-browser is the most useful type of software, which is applied by any user without any exceptions, disregarding of his previous experience and former practice. To surf the Internet, we need reliable, secure and fast browser, which supports the latest web-standards and technologies, doesn’t consume much system resources and has powerful and multi-featured functionality. With all these conditions Mozilla Firefox program tool complies, - the second most popular free web-navigator in the world with tons of useful stuff on board and plenty of suitable techs. In this article I will tell about Mozilla Firefox for Windows Vista, its peculiar properties and differences between another OS versions. So let’s drive on!Mozilla Firefox for Windows Vista

What becomes notable at once from the first glance, is a fully-featured design of Firefox and simplicity and convenience of its usage. You may reach any app ability literally in a second, and afterwards save precious minutes of time in expense of fast access to the appropriate bookmark or entering the 15-th time the login and password for your e-mail each time you want to access the personal mailbox. This becomes worthy right at the moment you attempt to apply the described feature without the newly installed extension or add-on, and the time you need to complete the simplest operation increases with geometrical consequence. The extensions severely ease your life with Firefox. With their assistance you may download MP3, FLV or AVI file right from the file server or streaming service and convert it to the required format afterwards, receive desktop notifications regarding new incoming messages on your mailbox, take care of the security and espionage of your activity in the web, complete the reverse search of the images and learn the source of the graphical object you wish to investigate.Mozilla Firefox for Windows Vista

In addition to the extensions, you may apply new themes or skins, which make the interface of Firefox look brighter and fresher. The quantity of themes is calculated in hundreds of thousands so you will surely find the suitable skin according to your choice and preferences.

For the most exigent users the developers have prepared a mass of settings, which you can customize in the appropriate way. All the parameters are divided on sections, so you won’t get lost in the variety of customizations and tuning opportunities for the described web-navigator.Mozilla Firefox for Windows Vista

What concerns the functional abilities of Mozilla Firefox for Windows Vista comparing to different systems, they are totally identical. In another operational systems of Windows generation you can do absolutely the same. Everything, that has a slight difference is embodied into the visual theme. In Vista the graphical theme is entitled as Aero: it has transparent layout, rounded edges of the forms visual representation and common scheme of framing the OS objects. Just download Mozilla Firefox for Windows Vista and see the particular properties of this OS methodology and graphics for yourself.

Mozilla Firefox for Windows Vista
Software Full Name:
Mozilla Firefox for Windows Vista
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240 KB
Operating system:
Windows Vista
Setup File Name:
Firefox Setup Stub 53.0.3.exe
32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64)
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