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Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10

Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10
Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10

Mozilla Firefox is one of the fastest free web-browsers on the software market. Thanks to the support of the open-source community, Firefox stands out due to its comfort, easiness of usage and simplicity. The powerful engine allows the users to open web-sites in a mere couple of seconds. Also the browser is compatible with the latest standards of web-development: HTML5, CSS (with extensions), XPath, SVG 2, XHTML, XML, MathML, DOM and others. Following this methodology, Mozilla Firefox is capable to handle the web-sites, designed via the most modern technologies and quality assurance. In this article I’m going to tell you about Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 and the exclusive features which are typical of this OS version. Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10

Browser is popular among the millions of user all over the world as far as it possesses well-designed interface with comfortable buttons and “live” tabs, integrated spell checking and other features. The developers put emphasis on the three main aspects: speed, flexibility and safety. Such an approach is the reason why Mozilla Firefox for PC and mobile devices is so popular in Europe, USA and Asia.

Here is the brief list of the brightest features of Firefox web-navigator:

  • Intelligent address bar (gives advices, remembers your previous choices and personally learns)
  • “live” tabs (opening of the closed entities, arrangement and scrolling)
  • the tab buttons
  • synchronization with all the browser versions on the mobile devices
  • integration with extensions
  • pop-up forms blocking
  • the warnings about suspicious resources
  • password manager
  • handler of the downloads
  • the cleaning of cookies, history and passwords
  • scalability
  • searching on the page
  • hardware acceleration for playing video and animation
  • spell checking.

Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10One of the most notable navigator functions is the external extensions support. For Firefox hundreds of thousands of add-ons were created, each with unique functionality and abilities. The extensions severely improve and widen the browser functionality, you can find tools for any choice according to your personal preferences and requirements.

Another useful feature is syncing with cloud Mozilla service. In such a way, you may synchronize your bookmarks, history, tabs, passwords, extensions and settings on all of your devices. In such a way, you may quickly switch to any other gadget, including laptop, tablet or smartphone and continue working with the same set of tabs, bookmarks and other internal objects. Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10

Working with bookmarks is a real pleasure. In addition to the function of import and export the bookmarks to and from the web-browser appropriately, you may add the special folders and icons to the upper panel in order to get the fast access to the mostly used bookmarks and web-sites.

In Windows 10 you may work with Mozilla Firefox in the same way, as in the other OS version. Mozilla Firefox is a cross-platform product, so the functionality is migrated not only to another OS from Windows generation, but also to another systems (Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS). Simply download Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 for free and check out the powerful functionality of the app for yourself.

Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10
Software Full Name:
Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10
Full Setup Size:
240 KB
Operating system:
Windows 10
Setup File Name:
Firefox Setup Stub 53.0.3.exe
32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64)
Free Trial
Latest Version:
For devices:
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