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Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8.1

Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8.1
Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8.1

In the variety of contemporary web-navigators it is hard to pick out the best program tool, which will suit you as nothing else. Free Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8.1 is definitely worth of such a status, because it combines accessibility, convenience and simplicity in its design and common idea. The developers have taken cared of simple approach to the process of the utility interface creation, thus it will take you half a minute to learn the capabilities of the application and apply them in practice. In this article I will tell about exclusive functions of Mozilla Firefox actual for Windows 8.1 OS and its special features.Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8.1

Mozilla Firefox is respectfully honored as the second most popular browser in the world, giving way to Chrome browser only. In June 2016 its share has reached the value of 14.15%. The reason of such popularity lies in the user-friendly design and powerful functionality of the project. Firefox supports all the modern operational systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. Also unofficial ports to BSD, Solaris and illumos systems were designed, which provides the great compatibility with multitude of different mobile, portable and desktop devices, as well as the PC platform.Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8.1

The browser is enriched with multitude of useful functions, among which are the synchronization with the app versions for another systems, the import and export of the bookmarks to and from another app instances and different browsers appropriately, the capability to use private browsing mode to protect user from tracking and not leaving cookies, passwords, INI-files, bookmarks and other personal data while surfing. One more very handy and pertinent ability is the splendid support of the extensions or add-ons, in another words. For Firefox about 150 millions of extensions were developed, which greatly widen the basic browser functionality and capabilities. Following this principle, you may totally get rid of the ads, avoid the situational entering of the password and login while visiting the proper web-site each time, make graphic and text notations, download videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other streaming services, etc. A special web-page is dedicated to the extensions overview, on which you may select the required program addition, install it and add to the Firefox. What should be mentioned, is that all the add-ons are absolutely free due to the support of the open-source community and society.Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8.1

Firefox is constantly updated, that gives the browser lightness, operability, and speed. Despite the quantity of available functions in the project rise from time to time, thanks to the consistent optimization of the source code the program may work with the same speed or even faster with flowing of time, that provides another pleasant bonus to the users of this magnificent web-navigator. If you want to try using the tool, just download Mozilla Firefox for free for Windows 8.1, install it and enjoy the result of your personal work. By the way, in the functional part the browser has no any differences comparing to using the app in another OS in Windows generation. Thus, in any Windows OS the possibilities of the tool will be absolutely the same.

Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8.1
Software Full Name:
Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8.1
Full Setup Size:
240 KB
Operating system:
Windows 8.1
Setup File Name:
Firefox Setup Stub 53.0.3.exe
32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64)
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