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Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7

Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7
Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7

Mozilla Firefox is the second most popular browser in the world after Chrome. In such countries, as Germany, Eritrea and Cuba, free Firefox is the most widely used navigator overall. Firefox is quite distinctive due to its highly efficient functionality and nicely made design and interface. Fluent gamma, rounded form frames and pleasant palette – regarding the visual part, everything is made on the highest level. The same concerns the functional elements of the utility. Further I will explain, what’s so special about free Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7, why it is so popular and how does it differ from another browsers.

The primary thing, which is noticed after the first glance, is the simplicity and easiness of usage of the tool in Windows 7 OS. All the controls are situated exactly on the place they are intended to be, and you may learn using them literally in a second.Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7

The same approach touched the way the operations with bookmarks work. The proper pages are added to the bookmarks with the instant click on the star icon, and everything that is left for you – is to define the folder where the link will be put in. In addition to the described feature, you can export and import all of your bookmarks from and to another instance of Firefox tool or to another browser (Chrome, Opera or IE).

One more ultimate innovation – is the support of extensions in the described software. The third-party developers created several hundred thousands of add-ons for Firefox, so you are capable to enhance the default functionality to unlimited number of ways as intensively as you are willing to.

Next advantage of the browser is the private surfing mode. After activating this feature, Firefox does not save neither visited pages, searches, nor cookies and temporary files. The only objects which are operating as usually, are bookmarks and downloads. They are being processed in the same way as during the standard browsing.Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7

The modular structure of the app allows the user the synchronize his work in order to get access to the same set of bookmarks, tabs, passwords and history on different portable or mobile device (laptop, smartphone or tablet), as well as on the PC. In such a way, you can instantly switch to any other gadget and to continue surfing right from the moment you paused before.

All the settings and additional features of Firefox are accumulated onto a single essential form. Thus you may access them all at once just via a single click on the context menu button with three horizontal lines.Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7

Here’s a short list of some more exclusive Firefox functions, which give browser the real pride:

  • the support of all the latest web-standards in the area of site development: HTML5, CSS, JS, Ruby, BroadcastChannel API and others
  • improvement of the security and protection of confidential data
  • intelligent address bar with the search, fast loading of the web-pages
  • password manager which allows to save logins and passwords during visiting of the web-resources and accessing the authentication forms
  • totally redesigned embedded downloads handler
  • application of “https” protocol for the safety of sending vulnerable data
  • fast and intuitive install procedure.

If you want to check out the abilities of Firefox for yourself, just download Mozilla Firefox for free for Windows 7 and see the difference.

Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7
Software Full Name:
Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7
Full Setup Size:
240 KB
Operating system:
Windows 7
Setup File Name:
Firefox Setup Stub 53.0.3.exe
32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64)
Free Trial
Latest Version:
For devices:
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