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Mozilla Firefox for Windows XP

Mozilla Firefox for Windows XP
Mozilla Firefox for Windows XP

Web-browsers is a software sector which is the most popular among the ordinary users. No matter what operational system is installed on your gadget, and what gadget it actually is, portable, mobile or desktop, some browser will be installed on it, that’s for sure. Among the dozen most widely used navigators the second place with confidence belongs to the Mozilla Firefox – an ultimate free web-browser with tons of useful and in-time functionalities, which are absolutely suitable for you PC, smartphone or tablet. Install free Mozilla Firefox for Windows XP or any other OS from Windows generation and take a look at all of this assortment for yourself.Mozilla Firefox for Windows XP

Despite the official support for Windows XP from Microsoft has ended in April 2014, many users still apply this OS in daily work mainly because their soft simply doesn’t support newer OS versions and they have to keep on working with this already old-fashioned outdated system. One more important note: the latest Mozilla Firefox versions do not support XP, because the technologies have severely progressed since that time and do not operate with XP. On this specific reason the users have to use the out-of-date version of Firefox in XP, and there is nothing you can do about it.Mozilla Firefox for Windows XP

Nevertheless, the functional part of Firefox in XP is mainly identical with the other OS versions, so you don’t have to get used to the features and abilities of the browser in XP. The only reasonable difference with Windows XP and Vista or 7 is a visual part. Yes, the interface has slight differences, but if you worked with Firefox earlier in any OS, you will quickly adopt to the main form, its controls, buttons and menus, thus don’t think it will take much time from you to get used to the interface and design of Firefox in XP.Mozilla Firefox for Windows XP

The set of functions in Firefox for XP is absolutely the same, - you may export and import bookmarks from and to another browser or one more Firefox instance on different PC or mobile node station. Also for your convenience literally millions of add-ons and extensions have been designed, so you will definitely find something according to your choice and preferences among this variety. Also the private browsing mode is available in the navigator, which allows you to securely surf in the web not leaving the cookies, passwords and logins, authentication forms trackers and without geo-location and tracing. In such a way, no one will be able to track your activity in the web, identify your location and learn the authentication data you leave while connecting to the mailbox, bank account or forum. In addition, there are a plenty of settings you may customize in the browser. You may tune the visual layout of the browser forms, check in the business-logic of the tool behavior and even modify the parameters of individual extensions you set up before. Download Mozilla Firefox for free for Windows XP and see yourself what other tricks this web-browser has prepared for you in addition to already mentioned settings and customizations, described in this article before.

Mozilla Firefox for Windows XP
Software Full Name:
Mozilla Firefox for Windows XP
Full Setup Size:
240 KB
Operating system:
Windows XP
Setup File Name:
Firefox Setup Stub 53.0.3.exe
32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64)
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