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Old versions of Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has been amazingly popular utility for years. Currently, it is the second most popular browser worldwide and the number one tool among free software. The program was released in early 2004 and has attracted millions of users all over the world. It is available for the most popular operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Furthermore, it will definitely suit both high-productivity PCs and early-version computers. You can easily start using any of the old versions of Mozilla Firefox right now and get a super-fast and smart browser.

Mozilla offers a pleasant interface with an ability to use numerous tabs at the same time. Almost all browser’s versions contain most needed functions, including spellchecking, bookmarks, download manager and a special field for connection to any of your favorite search systems. Not to mention, the program is always downloaded and installed very fast. All important features and plug-ins can be also added in a matter of moments.

Old versions of Mozilla Firefox can be particularly useful in such cases:

  • you have a low-productivity machine that slows down the browser’s performance
  • you prefer classical program’s interface and do not need any of these modern tricks
  • the newest browser version has lost any of your favorite tools or options
  • you get used to the old version and do not want to change your habits

All Firefox releases have the same basic advantages:

  • free to download, install and use. No paid services or utilities
  • comfortable interface and user-friendly design
  • boosts your security: privacy modes, an ability to delete history of visited pages/downloads and much more to make you feel safer
  • customizable interface to make the tool suit your needs perfectly

Download old Mozilla Firefox for free and start working with your favorite release right now!