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How to update Mozilla Firefox

How to update Mozilla Firefox
How to update Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox usually updates to the latest version automatically. The program downloads and installs the needed new software automatically not to cause you any inconveniences. However, in case some of the tool’s options changed, you may be looking on how to get the newest app’s version. No worries, you can easily check for the freshest updates anytime. Below are some tips on how to update Mozilla Firefox manually.

How can you get the newest version of Mozilla Firefox browser?

  1. Go to the main menu and choose Help – About FirefoxHow to update Mozilla Firefox
    If you cannot find the menu bars, just press the Alt key on your keyboard.
    In case a download is available, you'll see Download update option.
    Note: If you don't see download update, you’ve got the freshest version and do not need to perform the actions described below.
  2. Now wait for the new tools and options to install.
    About Firefox window will show the progress of installation. Then press restart to apply the new features.

How can you set up automatic updates of Mozilla?

  1. Go to Tools – Options of your browser menuHow to update Mozilla Firefox
  2. Choose Advanced option in the left column and Update tab in the following menu:How to update Mozilla Firefox

This will open the configuration settings. “Automatically install updates” option should be selected (usually it is set by default). It is highly recommended to set automatic updates to elevate your security and use the most modern and fresh software. Although you might prefer oldest browser versions, it is still the best option to use the most up-to-date software, since it can offer numerous new browsing possibilities, functions and options, as well as provide higher protection of your system from malware or any other harmful third-party programs. Not to mention, newest versions usually provide more options for customization with features available for every taste.