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How to uninstall Mozilla Firefox

How to uninstall Mozilla Firefox
How to uninstall Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most stable and reliable browsers worldwide. However, like any software, it can be attacked by malware or cause crashes. Either you want to try using another browser version, or simply do not use the current one, below is a detailed manual on how to uninstall Mozilla Firefox from your computer quickly and easily.

Note: Mozilla uninstall wizard is not able to remove the browser completely from your hard drive. Usually, it leaves behind some types of user data, including bookmarks and passwords unaffected. Although the wizard contains an option for removing user data from your machine, you may still need to delete some remaining files manually. Here are some tips on how to eradicate the browser itself and all remaining data from you PC or laptop.

There are 4 ways to uninstall Mozilla Firefox from your computer:

A.Method 1: most common method

  1. Go to start button of your Windows operating system. Then search for control panel - Programs.
  2. Choose Program and Features – Uninstall a Program
  3. Choose your browser’s name and click Delete or Uninstall (the title of the button varies among different series of your operating system)How to uninstall Mozilla Firefox

B.Method 2: another popular method to delete the program that needs a couple of seconds more

  1. Go to Start of your Windows OS and type run in search box of programs and files
  2. Select run windowHow to uninstall Mozilla Firefox
  3. Then you will need to type a special command, appwiz.cpl and tap Enter.How to uninstall Mozilla Firefox
  4. Choose Programs - Mozilla FirefoxHow to uninstall Mozilla Firefox
  5. Click Uninstall to launch the process.

C.Method 3: the way you will delete the browser itself with the majority of user’s data files

  1. Click Start button of your PC
  2. Type ”run” in the option of searching program and files and choose run option.How to uninstall Mozilla Firefox
  3. Type %LOCALAPPDATA% and press OK.How to uninstall Mozilla Firefox

Then you will need to choose browser’s folders and delete them.

All these methods describe how to delete browser from your Windows system. But, what about Mac OS?

How to uninstall Mozilla from Mac OS devices?

  1. Open the Finder for the easiest access to all the needed files and folders
  2. Search for Then click on the file and move it to Trash.
  3. Remove all the associated program’s files (most of them are looking like this: Preferences/org.mozilla.firefox.plis)

If still have some worries about any traces of the browser left on our machine, you can try specially developed uninstallers.