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Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome

Browser is the main tool that helps you to search in the Internet. Although all the browsers are developed for the same purpose, they usually have a significantly varying number of functions and options. Below we will investigate two most popular browser solutions: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and compare these two using different criteria.

What are the main benefits of Mozilla Firefox?

  1. Pleasant interface and customization
    One of the favorite functions of most Firefox fans is its convenient customization. It is available in two different levels: settings and interface.Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome
    Settings: have a free access to every browser’s settings through аbout:config page. Google Chrome has a similar option, however it is less advanced.
    Interface: You can easily drag and drop any Firefox buttons and address bars to arrange or hide them for your taste. You can also change the browser’s appearance using hundreds of colorful themes and add-ons.
  2. Additional features
    There are two Firefox features that are not available in Chrome: Reading mode and Tab groups. You can easily arrange numerous tabs in tab groups according to your preferences and switch between them as you wish.Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome
    Reading mode deletes everything from the current page, starting from piсtures and advertisement to big sidebars, making reading articles more convenient.
  3. Required resources
    While Google Chrome discharges your battery painfully quickly, Mozilla Firefox is less resource intensive than its competitor. However, Firefox has slower startup times and page loading speeds.
  4. Privacy
    Privacy is the highest value of Mozilla Firefox. It does not collect or sell any of your personal data or browsing habits.Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome

On the other hand, Chrome collects some of your data. That is one of the main reasons why many users prefer Mozilla.

What are the main benefits of Google Chrome?

  1. Plenty of awesome extensions
    The main advantage of Google Chrome is that it has the highest number of extensions of the best quality.Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome There are extensions to boost your productivity, for easy management and thousands of various extensions for every need.
  2. Great performance and interface
    The Google browser is the more polished and refined one than Mozilla Firefox. It is more understandable and intuitive to use.Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome
    Chrome is a better choice for beginner users, since it has fewer ways to accidentally screw things up. Although it requires more resources, it offers faster and better performance than Mozilla.
  3. Privacy and security
    Google Chrome is collecting all the data you leave in the World Wide Web. Despite this fact, the browser is more secure than Firefox when it comes to issues of phishing, malware and any other kinds of Internet attacks.
  4. Google benefits
    Since the browser is developed by Google, it adopts new standards and features more quickly.Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome

Moreover, most professional designers choose Chrome with its DevTools rather than Mozilla.

So, which browser to choose? It’s up to you! Make your choice depending on what kind of work you do, the functions you need and an interface you like more. Both programs are modern and offer the top-quality software.