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Mozilla Firefox vs Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox vs Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox vs Internet Explorer

Browser is a number one program for all the Internet users worldwide. There are plenty of different browsers available right now for any taste. However, we offer you to compare the two amazingly popular ones: Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Which one is better? Which is faster and more convenient? Let’s find the answers!

Firefox and Internet Explorer and are both effective browsers that are used to surf the Internet. But, each one has its own advantages and drawbacks.

Internet Explorer (IE) is the oldest and most respectful browser. Developed by Microsoft, it has been popular since 1995 and has gained numerous fans since early 90th. Currently, it is the browser with the largest number of users; however, for the recent years it has been rapidly losing its positions. The program comes with Windows OS package. Since Windows is still one of the most popular operating systems, the market share of IE remains to be quite big.

Nevertheless, it has plenty of disadvantages. First of all, it is significantly slower than its competitors. Second, it is compatible only with operating systems of Windows family, while the other browsers can be used within various OS. Third, it has a lower security level and is not able to protect you from newest malware or third-party programs. Moreover, it is less customizable than its counterparts. However, IE is a number one choice of the most users worldwide.Mozilla Firefox vs Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox is a modern browser that has been rapidly gaining supporters from year to year. Although it has been first launched in 2004, it is currently one of the leaders of the industry. The popularity of the browser can be explained by its great performance: being amazingly fast, the browser offers thousands of options for customization. Any user can easily build their own convenient browser with dozens of add-ons available for every need. Another Mozilla’s benefit is that it can effectively work with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android systems. It has a highest level of security, offering numerous privacy features, enabling its users to stay anonymous while surfing in the World Wide Web. Plenty of extensions and themes make browser a better choice than IE. Furthermore, it is also absolutely free.Mozilla Firefox vs Internet Explorer

A detailed comparison of functions and options of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer:

  1. Operating Systems
    IE: Windows only
    Mozilla: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, UNIX and Linux
  2. Full screen mode
    Full screen mode is supported by both browsers
  3. Custom extensions
    IE: almost no customization available
    Firefox: numerous themes, extensions and add-ons for every need
  4. Open source
    Both browsers are open-source solutions
  5. Tab Groups
    Tab Groups are available in both browsing solutions
  6. Speed
    Firefox: very fast. However, some extensions can slow down the browser
    Internet Explorer: speedy, but much slower than its analogues
  7. Security
    Internet Explorer is less secure than Mozilla
  8. CSS animated gradients in HTML
    CSS animated gradients in HTML are not available for IE, rather than Mozilla
  9. PDF viewer
    Internet Explorer has no PDF viewer, while its counterpart has an in-built viewer with advanced options (page navigation, thumbnails etc.)
  10. Limitations
    IE: no download manager available, compatible only with Windows OS
    Mozilla: downloads are usually restarted in case of interruption.

As for the advantages of Internet Explorer, it has flexible search options and crash recovery. Among the benefits of Mozilla there are high speed and security, as well as numerous additional functions for customization.

Both browsers are effective and represent an example of highest-quality software.