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How to organize bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

How to organize bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox
How to organize bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

If you use several browsers in daily work, recently updated to new OS version or simply want to transfer saved links from one PC to another, you should definitely know, how to import and export bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox. This instruction article will assist you in this purpose.

The routine of importing and exporting bookmarks is vital in many situations, especially if you are going to update or reinstall the operational system to new version and would like to transfer links to upgraded software configuration. The procedure is very simple and straightforward, so I’m going to pause on it in more detailed way.

How to export bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox?

There are 2 formats which you can use for exporting data from Firefox: internal JSON and HTML. JSON-format will be useful if you are not going to switch to another browser and strictly follow Firefox on all of your PC-devices. HTML will come in place, if you are going to transfer bookmarks to Chrome or Vivaldi, so this format is universal among all the contemporary web-navigators.

In order to export web-links data, press the Alt button on the keyboard when Firefox is opened and is located in focus. As a result, the upper menu appears in the top part of the active browser form. Click “Bookmarks” category and select “Show all bookmarks” menu item.How to organize bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

On the “Library” form click “Import and Backup” category and choose any of the following two options: “Backup” function or “Export Bookmarks to HTML”.How to organize bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

The “Backup” feature is designated for exporting your web-links to the internal JSON-format, which you can later find and import to another Firefox instance only. “Export Bookmarks to HTML” is more widely spread feature which allows to transfer data to any other browser, including Firefox as well. So choose any of these two features, and as result you will get an external file where all your links are stored. Specify the path where the file will be saved, and as a conclusion it will be stored on your hard drive.

How to import bookmarks to Mozilla Firefox?

Importing web-links is as easy as exporting them. Press “Alt” button on the keyboard again and, as previously, click “Bookmarks” -> “Show all bookmarks”. Here all the options are available to organize your web-links.How to organize bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

As a result, the “Library” form is opened – this is exactly, what we need. Click “Import and Backup” menu item and choose one of two described features:

  • if you generated an internal JSON-file with all the links stored before, click “Restore” and choose the appropriate date, corresponding to which you desire your links data to be imported.How to organize bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

If the required date is not available among the suggested, click “Choose File” and define the file object to be imported manually.

  • if you generated an HTML-file as a backup copy of all your bookmarks, click “Import Bookmarks from HTML” option and specify the path where the specific file was stored.How to organize bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

As you can see, it’s absolutely elementary to organize bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox. Let me assure you, this browser will favour you with lots of pleasant and memorizing moments, so don’t refuse from it.