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How to change Mozilla Firefox settings

How to change Mozilla Firefox settings
How to change Mozilla Firefox settings

The Mozilla Firefox browser has pretty much settings and customizations, which you may tune really easy and accessibly. In this article I will tell how to change Mozilla Firefox settings, and what parameters are available in browser at all.

In Firefox all the settings are divided onto distinct categories, and each category is dedicated to the specific topic. In order to change Mozilla Firefox parameters, click on the context menu button with the three horizontal lines displayed on it and select the “Options” item in the pop-up menu.How to change Mozilla Firefox settings

The first category is entitled as “General”. In here you may set Firefox as the default browser in the system, customize, what will be the visual layout of the starting Firefox form (a home page, a blank page or windows and tabs, opened in the navigator the last time). If this parameter is set as “home page”, on the same tab you may define what web-page will be set as home in the browser.How to change Mozilla Firefox settings

Also here you may set, what directory will be used as source for the saved files, downloaded from web (by default, the “Downloads” folder). In addition, you may set the checkbox, which will request you each time you want to save files where do you want to store the downloaded object. In the lower part of the form you may customize the business-logic of the new tabs opening: will you immediately switch to the new tab, opened from the active form or not, will the tab previews be shown in the Windows taskbar or not, etc.

The second category entitled as “Search”, allows you to tune the settings, related to search engines usage. In addition to defining the default search engine, you may customize the additional engines, available for usage.How to change Mozilla Firefox settings

The next tab “Content” defines, how the represented content will be handled in the navigator, whether pop-up windows will be blocked or not, what is the default font, size and the color of the text which will be applied in the text blocks, what will be the preferred language of text, etc.How to change Mozilla Firefox settings

The next tab “Applications” allows to select how the external app formats will be handled in Firefox, whether they will be previewed in the browser or the permission will be asked to open the corresponding file extension right in the app.How to change Mozilla Firefox settings

On the following category “Privacy” you may define whether the history of your previous visits will be remembered or not, will tracking protection be used in private windows or not, and set other parameters.How to change Mozilla Firefox settings

In the “Security” category you are able to define the different protection options, like blocking deceptive and dangerous content, show warnings during the sites’ attempts of installing add-ons, whether logins for sites will be remembered and a few other options.How to change Mozilla Firefox settings

The next to last tab is responsible for syncing of the Firefox account between the mobile, desktop and portable gadgets which use this browser as well.How to change Mozilla Firefox settings

At last, the final “Advanced” category contains miscellaneous options, which are related to certificates handling, update procedure of the app, scrolling peculiar features and other specific settings.How to change Mozilla Firefox settings

As you can notice, there are pretty a lot of options in Firefox, which you freely customize following your intentions and desires. Change Mozilla Firefox settings according to your taste and enjoy the usage of this great and amazing tool.