Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10
Mozilla Firefox is one of the fastest free web-browsers on the software market. Thanks to the support of the open-source community, Firefox stands out due to its comfort, easiness of usage and simplicity. The powerful engine allows the users to open ...
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Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8.1
In the variety of contemporary web-navigators it is hard to pick out the best program tool, which will suit you as nothing else. Free Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8.1 is definitely worth of such a status, because it combines accessibility, ...
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Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7
Mozilla Firefox is the second most popular browser in the world after Chrome. In such countries, as Germany, Eritrea and Cuba, free Firefox is the most widely used navigator overall. Firefox is quite distinctive due to its highly efficient ...
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Mozilla Firefox for Windows Vista
Perhaps, web-browser is the most useful type of software, which is applied by any user without any exceptions, disregarding of his previous experience and former practice. To surf the Internet, we need reliable, secure and fast browser, which ...
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Mozilla Firefox for Windows XP
Web-browsers is a software sector which is the most popular among the ordinary users. No matter what operational system is installed on your gadget, and what gadget it actually is, portable, mobile or desktop, some browser will be installed on it, ...
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Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS
Firefox for Mac OS is a world famous open-source web browser that contains hundreds of useful functions and customizable options. Its performance is absolutely perfect; furthermore, it is developed to protect your privacy. Millions of people have ...
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Mozilla Firefox for Linux
Mozilla Firefox for Linux is the best browser solution for all operating systems of the Unix family. The program has a powerful functionality that easily installs on your machine. Its comfortable interface and customizable appearance attract ...
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Mozilla Firefox for Android
Mozilla Firefox browser for Android is a number one browser for millions of users of Android-based mobiles and tablets worldwide. The main browser’s advantage is its ability to surf at the highest speed with plenty of useful options, including ...
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Mozilla Firefox for iOS
Mozilla Firefox for iOS is a browser from Mozilla, developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch mobile devices. The application was initially released in 2015; however, it already gained love and support of millions of users worldwide. The program ...
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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web-browsers in the world: it is free, distributed on the open-source license and supports multitude of features required for efficient and productive work. If you get acquainted with Firefox closer, you will see the whole variety of different tricks and functions, which this software is capable to handle, including support of external graphical themes, extensions and add-ons, private browsing mode, synchronization with exclusive cloud service and more. Just download Mozilla Firefox for free and check it out for yourself.

Firefox is enriched with powerful abilities and features, let me describe them in more detailed way. At first, in Firefox you can easily manipulate and organize bookmarks, i.e. as exporting them from the program, as importing them back into the navigator. Firefox supports two formats of the data being exported: internal JSON and external HTML. Using JSON, you may backup data and later restore it from the backup copy into the Firefox instance. At the same time, using HTML format you can easily transfer data between different browser apps: Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, IE, etc. HTML is a universal format and is supported by all the contemporary web-navigators.

Another important Firefox functionality is the ability to change the graphical theme. On the official Firefox resource hundreds of thousands of different themes are available, so you will definitely find something which suits your taste. If you want to have a view on the theme without actually installing it, hover the cursor up over the theme pictogram and watch the difference for yourself.

One more definitely useful Firefox function is the support of external extensions or add-ons. By using extensions, you may severely extend the browser abilities: from auto-filling of the logins and passwords on the authentication forms and downloading any videos from the video and streaming services to automatic removal of cookies and history of the searching for web-objects and handy translation of the texts from any foreign language to your native linguistic form using Google Translator service. The assortment of available capabilities in add-ons is barely unlimited. Thus, you will be able to find the plug-in which performs exactly appropriate function you required so much.

At last, for those of you, who care about personal security while surfing the web, the private browsing mode is available in Firefox browser. If you use it during your work in the Internet, the browser won’t leave cookies, history, authentication data and won’t use geolocation info, when you visit the sites from your PC or mobile device. In such a way, it will be really hard for the bots to identify your location and to sniff the data you input on the keyboard, as well as steal your private and confidential data, like the number of your bank card or the password from your e-mail account. Sure, such a mechanism is not so reliable, as Tor, for instance, but in any case it is better and more secure way to surf through the variety of world-wide web resources and, at the same time, stay unnoticed.

The last feature, which I would like to describe in Firefox, is a syncing with exclusive cloud service. After connecting to it once, you won’t have to transfer all of your bookmarks to another PC-station or mobile gadget. Also you won’t need to customize the settings once again from the scratch. In addition, the special function entitled “Synced tabs” allows to use the same set of tabs when you access the navigator from any of your gadgets, either desktop or portable.

If you install free Mozilla Firefox, you will be able to try all of this wide variety of functions and apply them in daily practice. The spectrum of available in browser features constantly grows, and from time to time you will encounter with new amazing capabilities in the latest version, which the developers add to the app arsenal. Learning how to use them takes just couple of seconds, but in such a way you take pleasure from the comfort and cosiness of ordinary operations and win in time saving.